Flatfish Games is a PC/mobile/console game studio based in beautiful Turku,Finland

Formed as a duo of an artist and a coder on new years 2014 we wanted to build games with unique characteristics and mechanics. Check out the blog / press sections take a peek into our world.

We and our occasional band of merry geeks, misfits, jokers and bards are first and foremost gamers at heart



We'll build you a website or two. Custom functionality is no problem either. Want a site that scours facebook for funny cat pics? No problem!


Our main thing is building games though.We build games for just about any platform. We also do subcontracting. Check out the demos / press page for more detail


We'll also do your infographics, custom coding work, ad banners. whatever floats your boat =)


Just ask us if you need anything, we'll come talk at an event, do gamedev classes. In general we are good guys doing what we love









Got an idea for the next best thing since sliced bread? We'd love to hear it. Come pitch it to us and we'd like to help you make your dream a reality. Got a tiny amount of funding? That's even better. We'll atleast give you an honest opinion of the idea.

(Clash of clans has been done already btw. It's an awesome game but we're not really that into making those)



Does your website need some awesome pluginless 3d content in the form of a game perhaps? With the power of WebGL and Unity we can make it happen! But enough about the services we provide. Did I mention we make games? 









Check out Kodama on windows phone, we even got appcampus funding for it!

Currently we have an awesome PC-game in the works. The blog will tell you all about our completely destructible dystopian world. It's going to be Legen-

Wait for it...