Hello dear reader, 

As a relaxing little friday afternoon job I was tasked to make our ai collaborate with eachother for a bit. I thought "alright, this is simple, just make them select a leader and attack whatever he is attacking".


It worked wonderfully except as always I had to make some adjustments. So I added formations to the mix, and re-election, and all sorts of semi-randomized patterns for them to use. Promptly I ran into bugs. So a few hours later the piece of code was working as intended, not just on a prototype level.

I also fixed a whole bunch of movement related bugs today. And did some performance optimizing on our rocket launchers. Turned out there was a whole lot of unnecessary code that was being ran even though there was an easy option to return early from the function. That too now works way better so yay for lower-end computers being able to play the game!


Heres a shot of a menacing looking group of debug-disco-guys marching at me in a formation with shields:




Heres to a nice relaxing weekend away from AI =)

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