Kodama - an extremely difficult platformer released on Windows Phone!

Appcampus alumni Flatfish Games is proud to announce the availability of our first game, Kodama, exclusively on Windows Phone. Kodama is an extremely hard action platformer where you help a furry little creature overcome all sorts of dangers on the way to save your princess from the hands of the evil boss Darko. Our heros village elders have given Kodama an ability to stretch his hands to help him across dangerous obstacles on his way. Save the princess and save the world!

The game is FREE to download and has no ads. Once you have mastered the game you can try crafting your own dangerous worlds in the included level editor and share them for the world to play!


Download from Windows Phone marketplace!


## Gift code “weloveyou” nets you some sweet coins to help you on your way! (enter it in the settings screen) ##


Kodama features:

  • * Simple but challenging controls ( Swipe to move, touch and hold to swing )
  • * 120 extremely difficult levels
  • * 5 Boss fights that will test your reflexes to the max.
  • * 4 different worlds
  • * In-game level editor
  • * $3 of FREE in-game currency to buy boost potions with
  • * Localized in English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian and German
  • * Live tiles
  • * Moga controller support, connect your controller and start the game.